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Descriptive Highlights of Brass & Jazz Methods
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PE1 Louis Armstrong's Great Trumpet Solos transcribed by Peter Ecklund. The solos in this book are from recordings from 1925-1937, including some of Louis' most famous solos. For reasons of copyright we are unable to reproduce the melodies of the tunes - what you get here are the improvisations. The recordings have been issues many times on CD, LP and cassette. (They are frequently remastered at the wrong pitch. You will have to find a way to correct ofr this problem by using a CD or cassette player with pitch control). . . Practice each solo as if it were an etude, starting very slowly but playing it in time as much as possible. When you have it under your fingers, try playing along with the recording, imitating Louis as well as you can. Play close attention to the rhythm. Some of thte figures in this book are slightly simplified to make them possible to read, so you won't really understand them unless you listen carefully to the recordings. When you can play a solo as Louis played it, try playing it your way, experimenting with the rhythms and the notes while staying within the meter and the chords. Excerpted from Preface by Peter Ecklund.


PE2 Bix Beiderbeck solos from popular standards Transcribed and edited by Peter Ecklund: Album Contents: Jazz Me Blues , Royal Garden Blues , Clarinet Marmalade , Singin' the Blues , Ostrich Walk , Riverboat Shuffle , I'm Coming Virginia , Way Down Yonder in New Orleans , Clementine , There Ain't No Land Like Dixieland to Me , At the Jazz Band Ball , Royal Garden Blues (1927 - Complete) , Jazz Me Blues (1927 - Complete) , Sorry; Cryin' All Day , Since My Best Gal Turned Me Down , Three Blind Mice #1 , Three Blind Mice #2 , Mississippi Mud , Dardanella , From Monday On #3 , From Monday On #4 , From Monday On #6 , Louisiana , Somebody Stole My Gal , Sweet Sue and China Boy __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

CC1004 The Art of Trumpet Playing The Thiecke Method, edited by Mel Broiles. Students, it seems, invariable do not understand the principles of warming up correctly nor practicing wisely. . . we spend an awful lot of energy playing rambunctiously and while this ebullient spirit is a good thing to have, we could direct it to better use. Instead of literally spraying the are with 10,000 notes, we could be ahead ot the game by practicing a careful series of passages such as outlined by Thiecke. . . . I am delighted to welcome this new edition which is faithfully reproduced by the publisher, to the trumpet repetroire. . . Excerpt of Preface by Mel Broiles.

JMB1 Trumpet Solfeggio by John Blount contains several sections including: warm-ups (including pedal tones, alternate fingering exercises in mid to upper register), flexibility studies, flow studies (air flow via simple half note slurring sequences); singing scales (tone development by alternating between scales in a comfortable register and the high register); tongue maintenance (double and triple tonguing), placement studies (embouchure development through expanding interval studies); lyrical studies (including Concone etudes). 54 pages ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

CC1003 New Directions in Tonquing by Jimmy Burke: Subtitled "The Art of Double and Triple Tonguing." A series of exercises for the development of a solid double tongue using the "da-ga da-ga" syllables which promote playing with the fullest sound and length possible. Triple tonguing is approached using the "da-ga-da" (also known as the "T-K-T") technique which is advocated by various top players. Exercises begin with repeated pitches and gradually advance to changing pitches to promote understanding and mastery. This book also includes the following solos by the composer: Joneta (waltz); Caprice; Jolene (beguine); Jolene (ballad).___________________________________________________________________________________________

CC1005 Top Tones for Trumpet by Irving Bush .This series of range and technique studies was written to assist the serious trumpet player meet the demands and requirements placed upon him in this modern day and age. Results are attained through intelligent, consistent and countless hours of practice. . . Correct thinking is the basic requisite for every level of accomplishment. . . The thinking period should precede the actual playing of the instrument. The proper approach is to think of how it is to be played and what elements are involved to play it successfully. Comments are made at the beginning of each series to serve as a reminder of proper procedures and playing techniques... Excerpt of Preface by Irving R. Bush

CC1016/CC2002 Contemporary Etudes, by Allan Colin. Thirty-three challenging yet musically satisfying etudes designed to introduce the advanced player to the rhytmic, intervallic, linear, and stylistic complexities of modern atonal music.

CC1009 Artistic Etudes, by Dr. Charles Colin and Aaron Harris. Technically demanding etudes designed to develop a sense of style for solo performance. These studies challenge a player's endurance, tonguing, command of articulation, and all around technical facility.

CC1006 Advanced Daily Studies By Dr. Charles Colin. This noted study book was originally published as "Daily Wam-ups with Vital Brass Notes" before revision by Dr. Colin. Purpose: To increase skills in transposition, buid stronger lip muscles, increase range and endurance and breath control and to develop skilled and secure finger and tongue coordination


CC1012 Charles Colin Complete Method for Trumpet or Cornet (revised 1980), by Dr. Charles Colin, with sections by Aaron harris and Bob Nelson. A collection of method books, excercises, solos, embouchure and breath control studies, and duets directed to players at all levels of their development.

CC1045 Trumpet Technical Studies, by Dr. Charles Colin. A graded series of 16 studies designed to develop finger flexibily and tongue and finger coordination. The excercises are to be played in all keys and in a variety of articulations: legato, single, double and tripple tongue. From the patterns set forth in the studies, Dr. COlin has developed fifteen virtuosic etudes.

CC1006 Advanced Daily Studies (Harris Daily Routine), by Dr. Charles Colin. Previously published as Daily Warm-ups with Vital Brass Notes, Advanced Daily Studies, in a recent revision by Dr. Colin, offers the student a challenging regimen of excercises designed to strengthen the embouchure and increase range and endurance; develop secure finger and tongue coordination; and increase facility in transposition.

CC1013 100 Original Warm-ups, by Dr. Charles Colin. Progressing from intermediate to more advanced levels of difficulty, these studies take the student through long tones, lip slurs and trills, interval and flexibility excercises. Useful for players of all levels.


DC01 Bach Cello Suites transcribed for Trumpet by David Cooper A collection of the famous Bach Cello Suites transcribed for trumpet by David Cooper. "I have tried to maintain the integrity of the original suites in every circumstance I could. Finding a suitable register for the trumept and keeping octave displacement to a minimum was a main concern. There are, however, some low F's scattered throughout the suites. These should be played 123 with both first and third trigger extended. . . . The player whould strive for a relaxed sound in all registers, utlilizing slow, warm air with good support. This is beautiful music, and with diligent practice and care, can transcend the limitations of conventional trumpet playing. Excerpted from Preface by David Cooper

TDA1: Jazz Trumpet Tecnique Vol.1 Flexiblities By Tony D'Aveni This six part series combines trumpet technique with jazz studies by developing traditional trumpet techniques while increasing harmonic knowledge related to Jazz improvisation. This volume is an intervalic approach to developing greater flexibility on the trumpet - the intervals remain the same as you ascend or descend

TP1: Articulation Studies by Chris Gekker Whenever possible, practice these exercises and etudes with a wide variety of dynamics and styles of articulation. These styles might include: I. Smooth legato tonguing also known as portato . . . . II. Staccato, very clear and crisp. Also practice a kind of staccato that is less clearly articulated, more of a 'puffy' shape. III. Marcato, very strongly articulated with every note maintained at full value, very intense.                                                                                                                                                                      Excerpt from Introduction by Chris Gekker

Mancini Complete Virtuoso Method, by Albert Mancini (3 volumes)

CC1040 Vol. 1: Lip, Breath, and Sound Technique: long tones; interval and scale excercises; and studies in single, double, and tripple tonguing.

CC1041 Vol. 2: 25 etudes and caprices especially designed to familiarize the ambitious player with the moer intricate rhythms prevalent in the modern music of today.

CC1044 Vol. 3: Highlights In Concertos: 23 transcriptions from the classic repertoire designed to develop virtuosic technique and bravura style; includes "Dance of the Comedians" (Smetana), "The Flight of the Bumblebee" (Rimsky-Korsakov), "Perpetual Motion" (Paganini)

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CC1026 The First Trumpeter, by Jimmy Maxwell. The definitive method for today's aspiring first trumpet students, written by one of the giants of lead playing, who started his career with the Benny Goodman band and went on to become first trumpet for dozens of dance bands, network studio orchestras, recording groups, broadway shows, and contemporary jazz big bands.

CC1030 The Best Of Ernest S. Williams, perfect bound; 4 books in 1. A collection of several of Williams' best-known trumpet method books: (1) Method of Transposition, (2) Supplementary Studies, (3) The Secret of Technique Preservation, and (4) High Tones.

CC1037 Method Of Scales, by Ernest S. Williams. A systematic method of studies on major scales, minor scales, whole-tone scales, chromatic scales, "velocity scales", and "high tone scales".

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CC1065 Trumpet Routines, by William Vacchiano; reproduced from the author's manuscript. "Repetition", Vacchiano teaches, "is the mother of perfection." Drawing on more than 40 years' experience as one of the foremost orchestral trumpet players (New York Philharmonic) and teachers (Juilliard) of his time, Vacchiano has contrived an ingenious set of 11 routines that challenge every aspect of musicianship and technique. Each routine is made up of a series of excercises wherein are heard echoes of Wagner, Mahler, Stravinsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, et al. Vacchiano has artfully created his method from the idioms of the standard repertoire. This approach should be especially helpful for players preparing to confront the rigors of the orchestral literature.

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CCMS02 The Complete Harry Glantz, revised and augmented edition. Challenging trumpet studies, etudes, and solos of the legendary trumpet maestro. Studies cover single, double and triple tonguing, slurs, intervals, scales; and develop technical facility, endurance, breath control. The solos introduce the player to the bravura  style of playing for which Glantz was so admired. Level: Advanced. NYBCFS pictorial essay available, (while supply lasts), upon request .

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CCMS03 Advanced Studies, revised and enlarged edition, by Aaron Harris and Dr. Charles Colin. One of the 20th Century's most admired brass players and teachers, Aaron Harris has produced 150 pages of difficult, challenging studies for the advanced player. These studies develop technique, range, flexibility, endurance, complete mastery of all scales, chords, key signatures and thorough command of the variety of articulation available on the trumpet.

CC1032 Supplementary Studies, by Ernest S. Williams. A valuble study book for advanced players, covering studies on style, staccato, intervals, chromatic scales and double and tripple tonguing.

CC1033 Virtuoso Works For Trumpet, (comprehensive edition; 3 volumes in 1), by Van der Woude. The book opens with a series of "pre-virtuoso" studies designed to prepare the student for the virtuoso works that follow. With each succeeding volume, conventional musical restrictions have been gradually removed until the player is permitted almost complete freedom from traditional form. A mode of writing - explained in the appendices - not used before in composiiton, has been created to allow for this liberation from usual technical restraints. The pieces themselves are marvels of rhythmic complexity and interpretive sophistication.

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CC1053 Corners: An Approach to Strengthening the Embouchure, by Allan Colin. A comprehensive series of excercises designed to strengthen the corners of the mouth.

CC1008 Advanced Lip Flexibilities , Complete (3 Volumes in 1), by Dr. Charles Colin. One of the most widely used trumpet study books, this series of outstanding excercises was developed to enhance range, flexibility, and endurance. The preface, by Dr. Colin, guides the player in preparing himself to play the studies. The studies are progressive in difficulty and take the student in moderate stages through basic warm-up procedures to excercises covering spreading intervals, expanding range, and lip trills. Text completely reset and edited in 1980.

CC1004 The Art of Trumpet Playing, Mel Broiles. Forty-six pages of excercises with 11 pages of text devoted to correcting bad habits, controlling air and amplitude, developing the upper register, breathing, embouchure, pressure and non-pressure. Graded studies designed to produce purity of tone, range, flexibility, tonguing and articulation follow, plus chord and interval studies.

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CC1021 Breath Control (Range and Endurance Developed Through Chromatic Technique), by Dr. Charles Colin. The title is self-explanatory; the excercises deal with scale studies, scale patterns, pulsations.

CC1052 Embouchure Update, by Mac Gollehon. A detailed and comprehensive analysis of the embouchure and its musculature. Gollehon has developed a series of drills and calisthenics designed to build "chops", extend range, increase endurance, and improve tone quality. Unique breathing and fast inhalation excercises are also included, as well as a section on maintaining the embouchure at the performance level expected of the professional player. A valuble and intelligent approach to a little understood subject.

CC1048 High Notes, Low Notes, and All The Notes In-Between, by John J. Haynie, Music Department, North Texas State University. Inspired largely by Ernest S. Williams' Secret of Technique Preservation, this book contains textual material and studies on embouchure development, tone and the breathing process, fingering and tonguing, together with a series of tonality studies on each tone of the chromatic scale. Within each tone are studies on long tones, scales, trills, lip slurs, intervals, tonuging, chords. Widly used as study material in colleges, and considered an effective, systematic approach for preservation of technical abilities.

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CC1027 How To Build Up Endurance in Trumpet Playing, by Hayden Shepard; edited by Vincent Bach. These methods are designed to deal with the trumpeter's greatest concern, endurance. In three parts: Part I covers position of mouthpiece, lip and facial muscles, soft playing, long tones, slurs: Part II - tonguing and articulation, striking/commencing the tone, two kinds of staccato; Part III - fingering and scale practice. Useful for players of all levels.

CC1017 The Secret Of Technique Preservation, by Ernest S. Williams; previosly published under the title Lip Building Excercises. Long considered by students, professionals and teachers as one of the most consise and invaluble compact excercise books covering a series of daily routines designed to maintain a consistant level of technical ability. The great value of this book can be judged, for example, by the number of authors who have used it and amplified on it to create their own excercise books.

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CC1055 Trumpet High Tones, by Ernest S. Williams. The title says it all: a series of graded excercises designed to develop th eupper register and the endurance necessary to support it.

CC1015 Melodius Fundamentals, by Dr. Charles Colin. A presentation of the fundamentals of trumpet playing - fingering, rhythmics, scales, keys, syncopation, phrasing - through the use of familiar melodies already a part of the student's memory.

CC1015 The Talking Trumpet, by Wayne M. Reger. the basics of good trumpet playing taught through 26 etudes and explained in cartoons and eye-arresting, clever captions. DEsigned to capture the attention and imagination of young players at the beginning level.

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CC1207 Progressive Elementary Solos and Duets, by Ernest S. Williams. An excellent method book for the beginner: meticulously edited, handsomely produced. With his genius for creating pedagogical materials of superb musical taste, Williams leads the young student - progressively - from simple melodies and duets to pieces of considerable subtlety and sophistication, always simple, always within the capabilities of the young player, always designed to challange. The duets are extremely effective: fun to play, interesting musically, a creative introduction to the discipline of ensemble playing.

LBW Clifford Brown, Complete Transcriptions, by Marc Lewis. Brown's unique contribution to the history of jazz and jazz trumpet playing is lovingly preserved in these artfully executed, meticulously edited transcriptions. The large, easy-to-read format (chord symbols are given) makes this idel for the performing musician. Biographical sketches by Leonard Feather, Marc Crawford and others round out the picture of Clifford Brown as man and artist. A treasure. The table of contents give a discography to the 70 solos: "Ghost of a Chance", "Joy Spring", Jordu" and others.

CC1051 The Art of Art Farmer, by Art Farmer. Farmer, one of the most admired - and imitated - jazz trumpet/flugelhorn players of his day, brings the full weight of his experience to bear on these carefully crafted excercises designed to develop technical mastery of diatonic, augmented, and diminished scale patterns. Drills for mouthpice practice, warm-ups, lip and tongue slurs, and pedal tones are also included. the value of this book is enhanced by the inclusion of transcriptions of four of Farmer's solos: "Manha do Carnaval", "ALone Together", "It Don't Mean A Thing", and "Love you Madly", as well as a complete discography of Farmer's recordings.

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MP1 The Best Of Lee Morgan, transcribed by Robert D. Redd. Large, easy-to-read format, with chord symbols and tempo and metronome indications. Includes "The Sidewinder", "Ceora", "The Sermon", "I'm Old Fashioned" and 14 others. Discography.

CC1056 Red Rodeny Then and Now. A compedium of Rodney's solos on tunes by Dizzy Gillespie, bud Powell, Tad Dameron, and others. Chord symbols; tempo and metronome indications.

CC1708 /CC2093 Bop Duets Complete, by Bugs Bower and edited by Steve Bulla. Thirty-Eight duets in the bebop style to develop feeling for jazz phrasing and rhythms, independence in ensemble playing, range. For advanced players.

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CC1711/CC2095 Contemporary Duets, by David chesky. Twenty duets, easy to intermediate level, based on contmporary jazz-related styles of the 1980's: swing, bop, jazz waltz, Latin jazz, calypso jazz, ballads.

CC1716 Encyclopedia of Progressive Duets, by Applebaum and Hustan. This collection contains three books of intermediate level duets in contemporary classical idiom, each also available separately: 3 vols. in 1.

CC1709 Duet Sessions, bu Irving Bush (basically classical pieces that can be played with modern jazz interpretation)

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CC1718 Duet Inventions, by Bower Murphy, compiled and editied by Constance Weldon.

CC1200 Advanced Duets, from Themes of Famous Composers, by Bob Nelson. For advanced players. Challenging duets - in four volumes -based on the works of the masters, in particular J.S. Bach, and themes drawn from his keyboard works (the Inventions, The Well-Tempered Clavier, etc.). This is an excellent addition to the literature for high trumpets.

CC1208 Baroque Duets, arranged by Al Past. A compendium of contrapuntal gems - 45 in all - drawn largely from the enduring works of the great baroque masters: Vivaldi's concerto's; Handle's organ concertos, Fireworks Music, and Water Music; and J.S. bach's partitas, orchestral suites, concerti grossi, harpsichord and violin concertos, and preludes and fugues from The Well Tempered Clavier (Books I and II). A few of the duets are within the capability of beginning students. For example, the familiar Shaker tune "Simple Gifts", many require intermediate level proficiency, but most will challenge - and reward - the advanced player. Excellent material for those wishing to improve their technique on the high trumpets.

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CC1209 32 Original Duets, from the Charles Colin Complete Modern Method, by Bob Nelson and Aaron Harris. Sixty-Six pages of classically oriented duets written for the intermediate-level player to develop independence and confidence in ensemble playing.

CC2001 The Eddie Bert Trombone Method. A basic beginners book by a noted contemporary player. Covers long tones, slurs, chords, practice excercises and warm-ups, chromatic runs plus two easy jazz duets. Introduction discusses registers, reading, care of trombone, buying a horn, improvisation, tonguing, intonation, daily practice, tenor and valve instruments, transposing, chords, mouthpieces.

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CC2013 Advanced Daily Routines (Harris Daily Routine), by Dr. Charles Colin. This recentrevision by Dr. Colin offers the student a challenging regimen of excercises designed to strenghten the embochure and increase range and endurance; develop secure finger and tongue coordination; increase facility in transposition.

CC2014 Advanced Lip Flexibilities, by Dr. Charles Colin. The studies, which are progressive in difficulty, take the student in moderate stages through basic warm-up procedures to excercises covering spreading intervals, expanding range and lip trills.

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CC2018 Artistic Etudes, by Dr. Charles Colin and Aaron harris. technically demanding etudes designed to develop a sense of style for solo performance. these studies challenge the player's endurance, tonguing and command and articulation, and all-around technical facility.

CC2019 Artistry in Trombone Solos, edited by Dr. Charles Colin. Collection of eight easy and eight intermediate level solos composed by Ernest S. Williams, J.B. Arban, Walter Rogers, and Roger Smith.

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CC2020 Breath Control and Advanced Technique, by Dr. Charles Colin. Additional studies in range, endurance and breath control.

CC2023 Charles Colin Complete Modern Method for Trombone or Bass Clef Instruments, by Dr. charles Colin, with contributions by Aaron Harris, Bob Nelson, Ernest S. Williams, et.al. A collection of trombone study books, excercises, texts, solos and duets, progressing from beginner level through intermediate to advanced; so complete it is useful for all players at different levels of development. Contains 8 books in 1 (all also available separately) Melodius Fundamentals, 100 Original Warm-ups, Advanced Daily Studies, Advanced Lip Flexibilities (3 vols), Artistic Etudes, Breath Control and Advanced Technique, Artistry in Trombone Solos, and 35 Original Duets.

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CC2021 Melodius Fundementals, by Dr. Charles Colin. A presentation of the fundamentals of trombone playing through the use of familiar melodies already a part of the student's memory. This approach teaches the fundamentals of music musically rather than as a series of abstract or mathematical studies.

CC2022 100 Original Warm-ups, by Dr. Charles Colin. Progressing from intermediate to more advanced levels of difficulty, these studies take the student through long tones, lip slurs and trills, interval and flexibility excercises. Useful for players of all levels.

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CC2037 Double Valve Bass Trombone, by Allan Ostrander. Twenty-six low-tone studies from the works of Ernest S. Williams designed to develop the low register.

CC2036 The F Attachment and Bass Trombone, by Allan Ostrander. Excerpts from the orchestral literature designed to develop facility in the use of the F Attachment; discussion of the F attachment and its use, distance between positions, tuning slide, operation, and usefulness of the valve.

CC2028 Allan Ostrander's 20 Minute Warm-ups for Trombone, by Allan Ostrander. Systematic, efficient method for warming up quickly. Excercises for long tones, lip slurs, tonguing, valve-and-tongue coordination. Text on breath control, note values. Beginner/Intermediate level.

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CC2029 The Talking Twins: Trombone or Bass Clef Baritone, by Wayne M. Reger. Basics of good trombone/baritone playing taught through 26 etudes and explained in cartoons and clever captions designed to capture the attention of young players.

CC2032 Warm-Up Procedure for Trombone, by Dr. David Uber. These warm-up studies take the player, in sequence, through long tones, lip slurs, overtone series intervals, two-octave diatonic scales, whole tone and pentatonic scales and slurring etudes. Good proceedure for players at all levels.

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CC2034 High Tones for Trombone, by Ernest S. Williams. Perhaps the single most-used practice material by one of the most prolific brass composer-teachers.

CC2097 Encyclopedia of Jazz Duets, by Bugs Bower and Dr. Charles Colin. This collection consists of Bop Duets, Vol. 1; Jazz Duets Complete, and Duets in Cool Sound. The most acclaimed collection of its kind due to the wide variety of jazz styles and material it encompasses. Selections range from intermediate to advanced level.

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CC2060 35 Original Duets, from the Colin Complete Modern Method, by Bob Nelson and Aaron Harris. Classically conceived duets written for intermediate level players to develop independence and confidence in ensemble work.

CC2061 Advanced Duets, by Bob Nelson and adapted for trombone by Ernest Miller. For advanced players; 145 pages of challenging duets based on works of the masters, in particular J.S. Bach. Outstanding examples from the classical literature for trombone.

CC1205 114 Easy Duets, by Ernest S. Williams. Melodious duets composed in the inimitable Williams musical style, for teacher and student, progressing from beginner to intermediate level.

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CC2150 The Talking French Horn, by Wayne M. Reger. The basics of good French horn playing taught through 26 etudes, with explainations given in cartoons and eye-arresting, clever captions. Designed to capture the attention and imagination of young players.

CC3903 Tuba Warm-ups and Daily Routine, by William J. Bell. Excercises on long tones, slurs, single/double and tripple tonguing; and text material dealing with beginner/intermediate problems - selection of mouthpieces and instrument, production of first tones, position of instrument.

CC3901 Artistic Solos and Duets for Tuba, by William J. Bell. Ranging from easy level to virtuoso display pieces.

CC3900 Arban-Bell Tuba Interpretations, by William J. Bell. Studies in dotted 8th and 16th notes, lip slurs, grace notes, chromatic triplets, gruppetto, double appagiatura, the trill, triplets, triple tonguing.

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CC3902 Blazevich Tuba Interpretations, by William J. Bell. Fifty melodic etudes to develop endurance; a sense of style and phrasing; breath, finger and tongue control.

CC3904 William J. Bell Complete Modern Method For Tuba. 266 pages, spiral bound. Complete collection of all four books described above.

CC3906 The Talking Tuba, by Wayne M. Reger. Basics of good tuba playing taught through 26 etudes and explained in cartoons and eye-arresting captions designed to capture the attention of young, beginning players.

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CC3907 Basic Rhythms and the Art of Jazz Improvisation, by Joe Tarto. Written for tuba or bass trombone, string bass, bass guitar, an excellent basic method for beginning jazz playing, especially in traditional/Dixieland styles. Improvising, syncopation, chords, walking bass, breaks, blues, and Latin rhythms are among the many subjects covered.

CC1100 The Brass Player, by Dr. Charles Colin. 160 pages of text, studies, and examples for trumpet and trombone, including the complete texts of Vital Brass Notes (CC1103)

CC1004 The Art of Trumpet Playing. by Dr. Charles Colin. Chapters deal with breath control, the functions of the tongue, the embochure, range development, practice, questions and answers.

CC1101 The Encyclopedia of the Pivot System: Augmented Version for all cupped mouthpiece brass instruments- A Scientific Text. by Dr. Donal S. Reinhardt. the renowned Philadelphia brass teacher has produced an exhaustive study based on his pivot system theory, covering posture, breathing, tongue and attack, physical analysis of the pivot system, care of the embochure, calisthenics, daily practice, and many other subjects.

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