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Rhythms, Patterns & Sightreading

Methods by Joe Allard, David N. Baker, Bugs Bower, David Berger, David Chesky,
Colicchio, Charles Colin, Paquito D'Rivera, Oligario Diaz, Gaston Dufresne, Joseph
Pancari, Nicholas Perrini, Smith, Walter Stuart, Roger Voisin, Rick Wald, Yaus

Treble Clef         Bass Clef

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CC1600 Allard: Advanced Rhythms  E flat $9.95
CC1643 Allard Advanced Rhythms Bflat * $9.95
CC1644 Allard Advanced Rhythms C  * $9.95
CC1603 Baker: The Bebop Era Vol.1 $22.00
CC1604 Baker: The Bebop Era Vol.2 $8.95
CC1605 Baker: The Bebop Era Vol.3 $9.95
CC1607 Baker: The Blues $22.00
CC1606 Baker: Modal and Contemporary Patterns $25.00
CC1702 Baker: Modern Jazz Duets Vol.1 "Cookin'" $9.95
CC1703 Baker: Modern Jazz Duets Vol.2 "Smokin'" $9.95
for all keys Berger: Contemporary Jazz Rhythms  (See series) $9.95
CC2300 Bower: Chords and Progressions $18.00
CC1610 Bower: Ad Lib $6.95
CC1608 Bower/Colin: Rhythms Complete $9.95
CC1639 Bower: Rhythms and Improvisation $12.50
CC1611 Chesky: Contemporary Jazz/Rock Rhythms $14.
CC1612 Chesky: Advanced Jazz/Rock Rhythms $9.95
CC1613 Chesky: Contemporary Jazz/Rock Patterns Vol.1 $12.50
CC1614 Chesky: Contemporary Jazz/Rock Patterns Vol.2 $9.95
CC1615 Colicchio: Nu Art Technical Excercises $6.95
CC1619 Colin: 35 Original Studies in Modern Rhythms $6.95
digital ed Colin/Schaeffer: Complete Encyclopedia of Scales
CC1616 Colin/Schaeffer: Complete Encyclopedia of Scales $45.00
HP01 D'Rivera, Pacquito: Latin Jazz Book & CD Vol. 1 * $15.00
HP02 D'Rivera: Brazilian Jazz Book & CD Vol. 2 * $15.00
HP03 D'Rivera: Excercises for Latin Jazz Patterns * $6.95
CC1640 De Vito/Colin: Christmas Carols $6.95
CC3021 Diaz: Improvise Now  * 20.00
CC1618 Dufresne/Voisin: Develop Sight Reading $14.0
CC1066 Harte: World's Most Beautiful Melodies $15.00
CC1609 Pancari: Encyclopedia of Pentatonic Scales  * $9.95
CC1623 Perrini: Develop Accuracy Through Sight Reading $6.95
CC1634 Smith: Famous Improvised Jazz Patterns $6.95
CC1630 Stuart: How To Create your Own Jazz Phrases $6.95
CC1627 Stuart: Jazz Scales $6.95
CC1625 Stuart: Jazz Techniques and 190 Modern Jazz Passages $8.95
CC1633 Wald: Guide To Creative Modal Jazz Impov. $15.00
Yaus: Easy Steps to Rhythm *

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