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~~Trumpet Methods & Transcriptions

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RA1 Alexander, Ray: Flexibility & Endurance Studies $7.95
CC1643 Allard: Advanced Rhythms Bb $9.95
CC1061 Allen: Intro to Bb (Concert) Blues $6.95
CC1063 Arban: Arban Made Easy $6.95
CC1001 Arban Complete Tpt Method (spiral bound) $39.00
Digital edition Arban Complete Trumpet Method
PE1 Armstrong, Louis:Great Trumpet Solos $18.00
CCMS07 Artot:34 Etudes Melodiques $8.95
CC2154 Barranco: Scale Studies Not Just for Horn $25.00
JB1 Battaglia: Develop Your Sound $5.95
MS13 Beethoven: Beethoven Sonatas $5.95
PE2 Beiderbeck, Bix: Great Cornet Solos $9.95
CC1023 Bellstedt:Technical Studies $6.95
CC1034 Berger: Cont. Jazz Rhythms Vol. 1 & 2 $9.95
CC1035 Berger Cont. Jazz Rhythms Vol. 3 & 4 $8.95
CC* Berger Cont. Jazz Studies Volumes 1-4 $12.95/ea
Berger Play Along CDS for Rhy,Studies,Duets 1-4 $5.00/ea
JMB1 Blount: Trumpet Solfeggio $12.50
CCMS09 Bousquet: 36 Celebrated Studies $9.95
Digital edition Bousquet: 36 Celebrated Studies
CC1608 Bower/Colin: Trumpet Rhythms $9.95
CC1002 Broiles: Arias, Anthems, Etudes $8.85
CC1003 Broiles: Buglers' Handbook $5.95
CC1004 Broiles/Colin: The Art Of Trumpet Playing $8.95
Click: Brown, Clifford: Complete Transcriptions: 3 volumes
CCMS04 Burke: Trumpet Solo Collection $9.95
CC1031 Burke: New Directions in Tonguing $6.95
CC1005 Bush: Top Tones for Trumpet $6.95
Digital edition Burke: Top Tones
CC1080 Colin, A: Beginning Technique * $6.95
CC1016 Colin, A.:Contemporary Etudes $6.95
CC1019 Colin, A: Contemporary Atonal Etudes $6.95
CC1053 Colin, A.: Corners $6.95
CC1054 Colin, A.:30 Close Interval Excercises $6.95
CC1066 Colin, A: Sequential Studies $6.95
CC1062 Colin, A: Extensions $6.95
CC1018 Colin, A: Finger Flexibilities * $6.95
CC1089 Colin/Derasse: Piccolo Trumpet in 20th Century* $6.95
CC1070 Colin,A: 30 Vignettes (not just) for Trumpet $6.95
CC1009 Colin: Artistic Etudes $6.95
CC1006 Colin: Advanced Daily Studies $6.95
CC1021 Colin: Breath Control $6.95
CC1100 Colin: The Brass Player (Text) $15.00
CC1012 Colin: Colin Complete Method (8 books) $56.00
CC1008 Colin: Advanced Lip Flexibilities $18.00
CC1047 Colin: Endurance &Elasticity $6.95
CC1097 Colin: Extending Your Range with Scales $7.95
CC1015 Colin: Melodious Fundamentals $7.95
CC1013 Colin: 100 Original Warm-ups $6.95
CC1014 Colin: Progressive Technique * $6.95
CC1046 Colin: Scales & Chords $6.95
CC1022 Colin: Swing Studies (Rhythms) $6.95
CC1619 Colin: 35 Original Swing Studies $6.95
CC1045 Colin: Trumpet Technical Studies $8.95
MS14 Collinet: 18 Preludes $5.95
DC1 Cooper: Bach Cello Suites for Trumpet $15.00
TDA1 D'Aveni: Jazz Technique/Flexibilities $16.00
TDA2 D'Aveni: Jazz Technique/ Tonguing $9.95
TDA3 D'Aveni: Jazz Technique/Chromatics $9.95
TDA4 D'Aveni: Jazz Technique/Articulation $9.95
TDA5 D'Aveni: Jazz Technique/Warm ups $9.95
NS2 Davis, Miles: Original Cool Sounds $9.95
CC1051 Farmer, Art: The Art of Art Farmer $12.50
TP1 Gekker: Articulation Studies $20
TP3 Gekker: Endurance Drills for Performance Skills $18.00
TP4 Gekker: 15 Studies for Piccolo Trumpet* $ 8.95
TP5 Gekker: 25 ETUDES* $15.00
CCMSO2 Glantz: 48 Studies (The Complete Harry Glantz) $12.50
CML2 Glasel: Relaxation Technique $14.00
Digital edition Glasel: Relaxation Technique
CML1 Glasel: Robert Fuller Method $7.95
CC1052 Gollehon: Embouchure Update $6.95
CC1064 Gollehon: Extending the Trumpet Range $6.95
DC3 Harrell, Tom: Trumpet Transcriptions, Book 1 $12.50
CCMS03 Harris: Advanced Studies $25.00
CCMS12 Harris: Intermediate Studies * $6.95
CCMS10 Harris: Daily Routine Excercises $5.95
CC1066 Harte: World's Most Beautiful Melodies $15.00
Digital edition Harte: World's Most Beautiful Melodies
CCMS05 Hayden: Concerto for Two Trumpets in Bb $9.95
CC1048 Haynie: High Notes-Low Notes $22.00
Digital edition Haynie: High Notes Low Notes
MJ1 Jellen:44 Magnum Drills $8.95
MJ2 Jellen: Magnum Maintenance $6.95
ITE1 Jerez: Ite's Technical Exercises * $8.95
DK1 Kiser: 100 Hymnal Descants for Trumpet * $25.00
CC1084 Klose: Tone & Finger Exercises $5.95
MS17 Kreutzer: 10 Famous Etudes $6.95
CC1039 Lewis: 15 Etudes Extraordinaire $7.95
CMB Maggio: Original Louis Maggio System $28
CC1085 Mancini: Divertissements   $6.95
Digital edition ~Mancini: Divertissements  
CC1040 Mancini: Lip, Breath and Sound Technique $6.95
CC1041 Mancini: Rhythm in Technique $6.95
Digital edition Mancini: Highlights in Concertos
CC1044 Mancini: Highlights in Concertos $12.50
CC1057 Mancini: Daily Studies $9.95
CC1062 Margulis: Maintenance Method For Trumpet $15.00
CC1026 Maxwell, Jimmy: The First Trumpeter $22.00
Digital edition Maxwell, Jimmy: The First Trumpeter
MP1 Morgan: Lee Morgan Transcribed Solos $12.50
CC1060 Murphy: Pro Etudes $15.00
CC1079 Nelson: Solos of the Immortals * $6.95
CC1024 Ostrander: 20 Minute Warm-ups $6.95
C1098 Owen: Basic Training $18.00
CC1623 Perrini Develop Accuracy through Sightreading $6.95
CC1071 Ponzo: Daily Warm-ups & Routines $6.95
CC1078 Ponzo: Low Tones Complete $12
CC1072 Ponzo: Pitch Tendency $6.95
CC1088 Ponzo: 10 Realizations for Trumpet $6.95
CC1025 Reger: The Talking Trumpet $6.95
CC1101 Reinhardt: Encyclopedia of  the Pivot System $35.00
CC1056 Rodney: Red Rodney Then and Now $9.95
CC1081 Rogers: World's Greatest Solos $9.95
CCMS08 Saveur: Etudes Techniques $8.95
MS15 Schubert: Songs for Trumpet (Walt Blanton) $5.95
ES1 Severn: Trumpet Solutions $12.50
CC1027 Shepard/Bach: Endurance $6.95
RS1 Spaulding: Double High C in 37 Weeks $40
CC1067 Shiner: Lip Builder $6.95
CC1096 Siereveld: Improvisational Style of Alex Sipiagin $18.00
CC1058 Smedvig: Studio Etudes for Piccolo Trumpet $6.95
CC1093 Swisher:Basic Skills for the Developing Trumpeter $18.00
CC1106 Stevens/Costello:Embouchure Analysis $25
CC1033 Van der Woude: Complete Virtuoso Works $8.95
CC1065 Vacchiano: Trumpet Routines (2nd edition) $22.00
Digital edition Vacchiano: Trumpet Routines
WV1066   Vacchiano: Supplibilities * $12.00
WV1067 Vacchiano: Studies in Waltz Tempo * $22.00
Digital edition Vacchiano: Studies in Waltz Tempo
WV1068 Vacchiano: Comprehensive Trumpet Studies * $20.00
Digital edition Vacchiano: Comprehensive Trumpet Studies
RV1 Vitale: Lyrical Approach to Jazz Improvisations $20.00
CC1028 Williams: Complete Method $48.00
Digital edition Williams: Complete Method
CC1055 Williams: High Tones $5.95
CC1042 Williams: Little Classics $6.95
CC1037 Williams: Method of Scales $18.00
CC1036 Williams: Method for Transposition $18.00
CC1029 Williams: Piano Acc. to Part 3 Method $25.00
CC1032 Williams: Supplementary Studies $8.95
CC1030 Williams: The Best of Williams $25.00
CC1017 Williams: The Secret of Technique Preservation $6.95
CC1049 Zauder: Embouchure& Technique Studies $12.00

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